Make Money Online - Affiliate Networks and PPC Campaigns

Many people come on the Internet everyday in hopes of making a desirable income. Many fail due to lack of knowledge, or because they were mislead by some “guru”.
Today affiliate networks are key to making money online, it can be the simplest and easiest way to earn a dollar period.
An affiliate network plays middle man between the publisher (the owner of the product being sold) and the advertiser/affiliate (the person responsible for the sale). An individual can sign up to an affiliate network such as clickbank and start looking for products to promote. The way this is done is through the affiliate network (middleman). A unique URL with an id is created for the affiliate and the certain product they chose to promote, through this unique URL they track the sales made.
So you would place this URL on your site, if anyone were to click on it and go to their website and end up making a purchase you would make a certain % commission for the sale previously determined by the publisher (owner of the product). The affiliate network (middleman) would charge the publisher (owner of the product) a very small fee per transaction.
The affiliate walks away clean with money in the bank. Affiliate marketing is quite rewarding since most publishers (owners of the product) pay about 50% commission and better, and give bonuses to super affiliates who make 300-400 sales per month.
The great thing about all of this is you don’t need a website or product. If you were to try affiliate marketing all you would need is to sign up to an affiliate network, (which is free) and start looking for products to promote. Once you have one in mind you can start a campaign with a PPC company like Google AdWords. Once you start a campaign with them, you can make an attractive call to action ad that applies to the product you are promoting.
Select keywords that highly describe your product in the simplest form possible. Set your bids (price your willing to pay per ad clicked) and make sure to place your affiliate URL in the URL box on the ad you make. When someone searches for that product your ad will appear, if they click on it you will be charged the amount you agreed to pay per click (a good bid is around 15-20 cents) and they will be taken to the page where that product is being sold. If they end up making a purchase you will make a good % percentage on the sale.
Most importantly PPC networks like AdWords give you free credits if your a new customer, so you can start making money before you even pay a dime. Affiliate marketing is a very powerful way of making money online, working from home is truly a privilege and only those who really want it and go after it can achieve success.