$1,000,000 Bank Transfer Scams

I’m pretty much sick of this stuff. This has to be the most annoying type of mail I receive, it truly gets on my nerves. “Hi my name is such and such and I need to transfer $1,000,000 into your account
and I will give you 20%.” Guys please do not fall for this as it is a SCAM and one of the worst and most obvious one’s out there.
If your looking to make money online, this is definitely not the way to do it, what this can get you is in a serious identity theft problem and or bankrupt.
These people are con-artist from small countries, where they can pretty much get away with anything and it’s virtually impossible to track them down. These are the worst kind of people, not only are they spammers but they track down innocent people and wipe them clean of their life savings.
Chris Hansen from dateline NBC had a special on this called “To Catch a Con Man” which you can find Here and you can also view a clip Here. They try and do some “scam baiting” and play the role of an innocent person and attempt to confront these con men face to face.
This scam even as obvious as it may seem is getting out of hand, at least 10,000 people are predicted to fall victim this year alone. The e-mails can vary from them being in some sort of trouble and needing your help, to you winning some sort of lottery, or even some kind of money that was left by some rich uncle that passed away. Which ever one you receive make sure to stay away.